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By the Grace of GOD I live & work out of CEDAR CITY UTAH test MACHINE AGE ART PHOTO'S

435 592-0063............546 North 300 west Cedar city, ut 84721

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As you can see I'm an Electrical contractor here in Cedar City. 

I'm also an Artist that creates industrial Art and steampunk kinda art. 

I live and work out of the old Overson feed store 546 N. 300 west, I also have many old doors ,windows, and a whole lot of other cool old stuff that is available to anyone who stops by. WED - SAT 11 AM to 4PM

Im not going to get long winded about my Electrical company. I'm a one man operation that works for one home builder. In between houses I do service calls for HOME DEPOT (they do an extensive background check) and anyone else that gets to this web site who needs an electrician. Ive been doing Electrical work since I was in high school and people tell me Im pretty good at it. Im also a licensed General Contractor just because I wanted to be one. Ive never been injured, or injured anyone else. I havent damaged any property since my apprentice days 40 years ago. And I like doing electrical work, I like being good at it and making customers happy and feeling secure that they have the right guy for the job. OK, thats all i will boast about now.


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